Fox and Davies

Mrs. Joan Fox (b 1929) & Mrs. Sylvia Davies (1935) of Trallwn, Swansea recorded 22/07/2014

Intervewed by Tudor and Janet Price.

Two granddaughters of White Rock Ferryman and Fish and Chip shop proprietor David Clarke recall their father’s shift work on the ferry, particularly in the early years of WW2 and their childhood in St. Thomas and Kilvey. The Blitz and life in the Anderson shelter is remembered along with rationing and early working lives in Swansea.


  • Early life in St. Thomas, Foxhole and Kilvey Hill
  • The Clarke family and White Rock Ferry and involvement of eldest son David Clarke in war time.
  • Paddling across the river at low tide.
  • Suicides in the River Tawe near the ferry crossing.
  • Bombed out in Owen’s Row in 1941.
  • Father, David Clarke in Home Guard.
  • WW2 experiences and rationing.
  • Early working lives in Swansea Stores and Clothier.
  • Savings Club/credit/and Provident cheques.


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