Ron and Val Williams

Mr. Ron and Mrs. Val Williams of St. Thomas, Swansea, recorded 23/06/2014

(Interviewers Tudor and Janet Price.)

The time line has moved forward a little into the fifties. There is an interesting commentary on the Tinplate Mills at Dyffryn, serving in the Merchant Navy out of Swansea, and trade union agitation at Fords in the 1960’s.  And there is a charming description of “dancing” 3 nights a week!


  • Memories of Lamb’s Row, Foxhole pre 1939
  • White Rock ferry crossings for birthday parties/shopping
  • Grandfather, Jonah Williams foreman White Rock Lead & Silver Works, Cupola furnace expert
  • Standpipes for domestic water
  • Father unemployed for 6 years, occasional work only
  • Construction of West Pier
  • Coal theft … incident … neighbours clubbed together to pay 20/= fine
  • Cwm School bombed … war time recollection of bombing/incendiaries/Anderson shelters/collecting scrap
  • Working at Dyffryn Tinplate Works as a ‘Behinder’… wages … occupations/techniques/work practices on the Mill/promotion system
  • Work and life in Merchant Navy out of Swansea in late 50’s … stints away/wages/occupations/Suez crisis/Examination system Board Of Trade
  • Very busy Swansea Docks … ships anchored, waiting off Mumbles, to dock
  • Managing the Cornish Mount from 1946, Seamen’s pub on Strand … Naval Depot … ladies of the night … wartime beer supplies
  • St.Paul’s Church and Rev. Leon Atkin, well respected arbiter
  • Madame Patti … Isolation Hospital
  • Working at Ford Motors Axle Plant from 1964 … frequent ‘walk outs’ … agitators … wages
  • Entertainment … Swansea Dance Halls
  • Fatality building Cefn Hengoed School
  • “Always had a job …”

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