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Art at the Hafod online exhibition …

‘Art @ the Hafod:  the Spirit of Place’ took place at the historic Hafod-Morfa Copperworks, which was one of the primary centres of industry in South Wales and integral to community life in the Lower Swansea Valley.  Participants of all ages had a unique chance to respond to this site of rich heritage through observational drawings and painting as part of the event.  Over the course of the day each visitor created some investigative drawings from points of interest. At various times, the group explored the findings, discussed the drawings and what might make a final piece.  With guidance from artist, Dan Llywelyn Hall, members of the group had the opportunity to develop their observational skills and gain confidence with drawing and painting.

Reference and Local Studies book sale, Central Library, 18/19 June …

There will be a Reference and Local Studies book sale on Saturday and Sunday, 18 & 19 June, 10.30 am – 3.30 pm, in the Discovery Room on the first floor of Central Library.
The Local Studies stock is ex-lending material (not part of our important antiquarian Local Studies Collections) relating to Swansea and Gower in the main, but with some books of a broader Welsh interest.
The ex-Reference books cover everything from stamp guides to encyclopaedias and there will also be some general, ex-lending non-fiction books on history, family history and transport (good for railway enthusiasts!) etc.

Hafod-Morfa litter pick and weed, 22 June …

I know if may not feel like summer but the Hafod-Morfa Copperworks site needs a bit of weeding and litter clearing so I am proposing an afternoon session on Wednesday 22 June between 2:00 and 4:00pm.

You might like to come for the whole thing, call in later, or head off earlier, according to your schedules but you’d be made very welcome. Bring your gardening gloves and gardening tools of choice – I’m hoping to get litter picking gear from Keep Wales Tidy.

Grateful if you could let me know if you’re available – bring your gardening gloves and gardening tools of choice – I have three sets of equipment for litter picking that I can bring along and I’m trying to get hold of more.


Copperopolis eBook reduced to £6.99! …

Copperopolis: Landscapes of the Early Industrial Period in Swansea (eBook)

By Stephen Hughes, 2000.

This title is now out of print, but is available as an eBook.

Buy eBook Now Copperopolis: Landscapes of the Early Industrial Period in Swansea at Google Play.

Swansea was the first industrial region in Wales and its pre-eminence as the international centre of copper-smelting at the end of the eighteenth century, and throughout the nineteenth century, earned the title Copperopolis. In this volume much of this pioneering industrial and social landscape is mapped and its significance in the national and international context described.

Measurements in this volume
The Industries
Patterns of Transport & Power
‘Copper-men, Colliers & Mechanicks’
Masters & Men: Dynasties & Dwellings
The Institutions of the Copper Townships
Select Bibliography & Abbreviations

Buy eBook Now Copperopolis: Landscapes of the Early Industrial Period in Swansea at Google Play.