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Kilvey Hill Community Volunteers this weekend

“Just a reminder about our special one-hour Task Day tomorrow, Sunday 22nd. We’re training and preparing for the Xmas Tree Event in 2 weeks’ time.

“Meet at 11 at Pentrechwyth Arch to walk up Goblin’s Garden, and lay a new bark path there. It’s important as many volunteers as possible learn which trees we are cutting and how to keep people safe, Looks like the Sun might be shining AND we can try out the SLACKLINE!

“Also FYI it’s the Green Fair all weekend at the Waterfornt Museum, always good. Google for more info.

“Hope to see you tomorrow. Marian”

White Rock talk, 21 November at the National Waterfront Museum …

John Ashley will present the fascinating White Rock: 200 Years of the Copper Community. This is the monthly Historical Association Swansea Branch talk.

11.00 Saturday 21 November, Dockside Room at the National Waterfront Museum. Admission free.

“Recent developments in terms of conserving and interpreting the works sites at Hafod and White Rock have been more encouraging than anything that has happened there for a generation or more. Some feel that White Rock, with its 18th-century canal tunnel (with unloading bays) and riverside dock is the pièce de résistance, the highlight of the whole fascinating area.” Royal Institution of South Wales.

Art at the Hafod, 16 November …

‘Art @ the Hafod’ event is free and open to everyone, please book your tickets here:

Please find below information on a fantastic event that will bring heritage and art together at the Hafod-Morfa Copperworks. The event is open to all ages and will consider the copperworks site and the broader surrounding areas including White Rock, Kilvey Hill and the river to celebrate the site, landscape and history.

So come and join us at a truly unique event that will offer opportunity to learn about the history of the site and to consider artistic interpretation of the site.

Swansea University
Research Institutefor Arts and Humanities

Festival of Humanities 2015

‘Being Human: Heritage, Health and Wellbeing

‘Art @ the Hafod –the spirit of place’
Monday 16 November 2015, 11.00am – 4pm

The historic Hafod-Morfa Copperworks was one of the primary centres of industry in South Wales and integral to community life in the Lower Swansea Valley. Participants of all ages will get a unique chance to respond to this site of rich heritage through observational drawings and painting.

With guidance from artist, Dan Llywelyn Hall, members of the group can expect to develop their observational skills and confidence with drawing and painting.

Venue: Hafod-Morfa Copperworks, Swansea.


As one of five UK festival hubs, we will explore wellbeing and heritage through public-facing activities (debate, poetry, performance, art and enterprise), made possible by a grant from the festival organisers, the School of Advanced Study, University of London, in partnership with the AHRC, British Academy and Wellcome Trust.


Swansea Canal Heritage Trail …

To: Local groups and organisations and residents

One of our future projects is to create the Swansea Canal Heritage Trail which would extend from the north end of the Swansea Valley Nature Reserve (next to Swansea Valley Tyres) to the Twrch Aqueduct Ystalyfera.

This section, along the A4067, contains many historical features including a lock which is a Cadw Scheduled Structure. All these features are presently invisible to the general public. The trail would be designed for pedestrians and cyclists and would feature Information panels along its route.

The main purpose of the Heritage Trail would be ;
*To mark the existence of this stretch of the canal, by installation of information boards.
*provide safe pedestrian and cycle access, including a cycle track along the A4067.
*Set the Swansea Canal in context in the Swansea Valley:
~ Describe the detailed history of the construction shown on each board
~ Give the natural history of the area surrounding each board.

Working with the NeathPortTalbot Voluntary Services and many other bodies we are actively seeking funding for this project. One of the main criteria for funding is to demonstrate the support of local establishments and organisations, which is why we are contacting you. It is important to note that we are requesting your support but are NOT asking for any further contribution, financial or otherwise. All we ask is that you promote the Society and Heritage Trail to your friends and colleagues.
If you are willing to support us could you please sign the e.petition on

Many Thanks,
Alan Williams Grants Officer Swansea Canal Society.