Swansea Canal Heritage Trail …

To: Local groups and organisations and residents

One of our future projects is to create the Swansea Canal Heritage Trail which would extend from the north end of the Swansea Valley Nature Reserve (next to Swansea Valley Tyres) to the Twrch Aqueduct Ystalyfera.

This section, along the A4067, contains many historical features including a lock which is a Cadw Scheduled Structure. All these features are presently invisible to the general public. The trail would be designed for pedestrians and cyclists and would feature Information panels along its route.

The main purpose of the Heritage Trail would be ;
*To mark the existence of this stretch of the canal, by installation of information boards.
*provide safe pedestrian and cycle access, including a cycle track along the A4067.
*Set the Swansea Canal in context in the Swansea Valley:
~ Describe the detailed history of the construction shown on each board
~ Give the natural history of the area surrounding each board.

Working with the NeathPortTalbot Voluntary Services and many other bodies we are actively seeking funding for this project. One of the main criteria for funding is to demonstrate the support of local establishments and organisations, which is why we are contacting you. It is important to note that we are requesting your support but are NOT asking for any further contribution, financial or otherwise. All we ask is that you promote the Society and Heritage Trail to your friends and colleagues.
If you are willing to support us could you please sign the e.petition on


Many Thanks,
Alan Williams Grants Officer Swansea Canal Society.

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