Rae Jones

Mrs. Rae Jones of Sketty Park, Swansea, recorded 13/10/2014

(Interviewers Tudor and Janet Price.)


  • Description of father’s working life at King’s Dock Tinplate Works, and a visit to the site as a child.
  • Parents able to take on house purchase in a relatively comfortable early life in Grenfell Park.
  • Walked to Gregg’s Commercial School.
  • Forward Movement Chapel, Port Tennant Road…Outings, Sunday School, Operetta, and full attendance.
  • Grandmother had 21 children.
  • Graphic personal war time description of devastation of Swansea Town centre.
  • War work in YWCA and American Service men.
  • Old Kilvey and route to Foxhole Road and the White Rock penny boat to Hafod side of town.
  • National Dock Labour Board…full details of daily hiring; hire companies; war time wages and changes to pay days.
  • Rationing after the war and extra coupons!!
  • T. W. Thomas Ltd.
  • Family life and early Spanish holidays.
  • Bay View Club, Port Talbot Sandfields.
  • Going to Church and not going.

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