Colin Tanner summary

Summary of Oral History Mr. Colin Tanner, recorded 20/1/2014

A difficult early life in Morriston, Swansea is graphically recalled in this history of an errand boy who joined the Royal Navy in World War II to find a family.   He served throughout on the Destroyer, HMS Inconstant, protecting merchant shipping in the Atlantic and Arctic Convoys in the North Sea through to the end of the war. He was presented with Arctic Convoy Medals in 2013, in recognition of his service!

His experience at sea is colourfully described at length including chasing U Boats, the dangers and the comradeship enjoyed amongst fellow crew mates. The Tanners went on to establish a successful butcher business in the town.

  • Early life and death of mother.
  • Shops on corner.
  • Started work.
  • Volunteered age 17.
  • Joined Navy.
  • On the water.
  • Feeling sea sick.
  • Atlantic convoys.
  • Preparing for North Sea.
  • PQ 17.
  • Kitted out.
  • Chasing U Boats.
  • Fuel and ammunition.
  • French coast.

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