Doris Baddick summary

Summary of Oral History Mrs. Doris Baddick, b 1924, recorded 15/10/2013

  • Mrs. Baddick – mother born in a cottage on the riverside (Tawe)
  • Father worked on the railway as did his father.
  • Father gassed in WW1, suffered poor health and died aged 36.
  • Moved as a young child to the “Quarry Cottages” officially Samlet Row immediately above White Rock Works and White Rock Ferry.
  • Four houses in the row with neighbour families: Hancock/Needen/Davies.
  • Attended St. Thomas school, Kilvey Parish Church and Canaan Chapel Band of Hope.
  • Her mother when widowed sought relief from “the Panel” (parish relief) and received a loan of 10/= per week for herself; 5/= for Doris; and 3/= for each of her two sisters.
  • Rent was 8/= per week paid to Mrs. Screech , landlady, who kept a newsagent shop on Port Tennant Road.
  • Mother worked as a cleaner and did washing for 1/6d a household.
  • Two rooms up and two rooms down, with no indoor facilities.
  • Worked at a Printers in Green Dragon Lane before and after the war.
  • Recalls experience of air raids and displaced relatives having to move in with them at Samlet Row!
  • Recalls death of an Uncle in the Copper Works aged 27 years and an Aunt who worked in White Rock as a cook.
  • Describes drams carrying waste over the road on an incline to be dumped on the hillside.
  • No money for school outings but kept well as children. Others not so fortunate, no shoes for school.
  • Paid at the door for medical service and Doctor was across the river near High Street Station.
  • White Rock ferry discussed, 1d  journey.
  • Went to the “Pictorial” cinema, later called “Scala” near the Midland Railway Station, on Wednesday and Saturday, 2d a show.
  • Worked in Cwmfelin Steel Works on war service welding “Jerry  Cans” and used ferry to cross the river, becoming a supervisor, paid £3.10.0d per week.
  • People just got on with things and did not grumble about conditions.

TJP 15th October 2013


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