Copper Works

General view of the copper works

General view of the copper works

General view of the Copper works part of the White Rock site. Just above the river quay walls are the two buildings which have been suggested as being brass annealing plant, although in earlier days probably were either roasting or smelting houses. Another smelting house is located above these and forms the masonry remains which currently lie to the south of the top of the ramp. The wall of the Great Workhouse – the main smelting hall – crosses the right middle of the photo. Just to the left of centre are the two buildings which formed the Gatehouse Offices while above the Great Workhouse wall and located above the location of the canal tunnel are the railway sidings and yard. The main building here appears to be a later prefabricated structure either related to the lead sheet production plant or the later scrap yard. The massive copper slag tips are a prominent feature of the skyline at this time. They are now greatly reduced and covered in vegetation.

Photograph © Crown copyright: Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales

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