Cynefin Tithe Maps Workshop, 10 November …

The Cynefin project is digitising the tithe maps of Wales and is looking for volunteers to help with the transcription work online.

The workshop at Glamorgan Archives will provide an opportunity for potential volunteers to get to grips with the Cynefin website, and to learn about the different tasks which volunteers can contribute to online. There is no commitment in terms of volunteering hours, we would be grateful for any contribution.

We would appreciate if those who are interested could contact us to register for the event to avoid disappointment on the day, as there are a limited number of computers available at the archives. Our contact details are on the leaflet. Next to the Cardiff City football ground. A nice new building.

Cynefin Workhop 10 November 2015 EnglishCynefin Workhop 10 November 2015 Welsh


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