Landmark Trust Golden Weekend celebrations, 16-17 May …

On Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th May the Landmark Trust will open 25 Landmarks for free across Britain in special celebration of our 50th birthday. Almost everyone will be within 50 miles of a Landmark open day – find the nearest building to you here!

The open days will be unlike any we have held before. At 3pm on Saturday 16th May, across all 25 sites, different musical groups will each perform their unique version of the Anthem for Landmark. There will be all sorts of other local contributions – WI teas, historians, exhibitions, art and crafts displays, period dancers and much more, as each Landmark site creates its own celebration. Join us for this unique anniversary celebration, visit our website for full details.

The Landmark Trust is responsible for rescuing fine old buildings which it then lets for holiday stays. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Trust and a number of its buildings are open to the public this weekend. In Wales, Clytha Castle, a Victorian Gothic edifice near Abergavenny, and the West Blockhouse, one of the Napoleonic era coastal forts, at Dale in Pembrokeshire will be open. There is a special event at each of the 25 properties involved on the Saturday afternoon. If you get the chance, do take the opportunity to visit one of Landmark’s fine old buildings and learn more about the organisation’s work.


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