Science and Revolution: Richard Price (1723-91) Welsh Radical and Scientist: Talk 23 May

Friday 23 May, 3.00 pm
Robert Recorde Room, Faraday Building, Swansea University

Paul Frame, Richard Price Society

Science and Revolution: Richard Price (1723-91) Welsh Radical and Scientist

A brief look, but with the emphasis on science, at the life and times of Richard Price a prominent eighteenth century dissenter, political and social reformer, founder of life assurance through his work on publishing Bayes’s Theorem on probability, and a supporter of the American revolution and the opening events of that in France. If time permits the talk will also look briefly at the scientific and political lives of his Bridgend nephews William Morgan (winner of the Royal Society Copley Medal, producer of plasmas) and George Cadogan Morgan (writer on electricity and radical republican at a dangerous time).

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