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Flickr – The (post)industrial South Wales Valleys

Sarah Rojon, studying South Wales industry, has launched a Flickr site featuring post industrialised South Wales Valleys. There are some very interesting pictures.

“I don’t know if you are on Flickr but I thought that would be nice to tell you about that. I just launched a group called ‘The (post)industrial South Wales Valleys,’ so feel free to join us and to invite people who might be interested : http://www.flickr.com/groups/thesouthwalesvalleys/”

I think that the interactive functionality of photo-hosting sites provide interesting means to create collaborative archives but also to display and discuss cultural sensitivities.

Industrial heritage researcher from France – help wanted

We have had an enquiry from a French researcher working in Swansea until September. If you can contribute to this research please respond via  info@friendsofwhiterock.org.uk.

“I am a researcher student in Anthropology. I work on digital images and industrial heritage concerning the urban areas of Saint-Etienne (France) and Swansea. I am interested in pictures and writings posted by Internet users.

“I currently live in Swansea for my fieldwork (until September 2). I would like to meet people who display online images related to the South Wales industrial heritage. I particularly seek to get in touch with former and current industrial workers (miners and steelworkers), but also generally speaking with people involved around this issue. Perhaps you could provide me some suggestions?”