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Local History . . . Live! 2013

The third Local History . . . Live! organised by the Swansea Branch of the Historical Association will take place on Saturday 12 October in the National Waterfront Museum. The exhibitors will be in the main hall, with overflow in the gallery.

The centre piece this year is the 60 Second Show and Tell. A stage will be set up in the centre of the main hall. Contributors are given 60 seconds maximum to showcase their object and describe its use and importance. There will be a chair to ensure timekeeping and fair play, and to ring a bell at time out.

Steph Mastoris, Director of the Museum, and Industrial Curator Ian Smith will chair the show and provide expert commentary. Swansea Museum will bring along a selection of ‘touching objects’, and I have a feeling they will be a source of mystery objects too! All will be in a spirit of good fun to engage existing and new visitors in local history events. Bring your objects on the day to amaze and mystify.