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Mencap – exhibition assistant at Swansea Museum …

White Rock Friend Teresa Hillier has a request for another very important project she is working on:

I hope you don’t mind me emailing you about this project with my ‘Mencap head on’ but thought you may now of some people who would be interested in volunteering.  We have an exhibition launching next month and are looking for exhibition volunteers. I have attached the role profile and copy of an ‘advert’ that is going to be in the volunteer bulletin for students via Discovery at Swansea.

Opportunity for exhibition_ assistant at Swansea Museum

Volunteer Exhibition Assistant_ role profile

If there is anyone who you think may be interested would you forward it to them?

Many thanks,

Teresa Hillier
Hidden Now Heard Volunteer Co-ordinator
Mencap Cymru
T: 07908 629810

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