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Help the Swansea Canal Society reclaim 100 yards of the canal …

We have just started the petition to reclaim 100 yards of the Swansea Canal and wanted to ask if you could add your name too. This campaign means a lot to us and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding.

You can read more and sign the petition here: http://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/help-us-reclaim-100-yards-of-the-swansea-canal

Thank you!

Martin Davies
The Swansea Canal Society | Cymdeithas Camlas Abertawe

Tel; 0844 209 4548      mob: 07773 206 943
website:  www.swanseacanalsociety.com
UK Charity Registration Number: 1105624