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New film brings Swansea Castle back to life

History fans can soon watch an online video about Swansea Castle if they’re in the area of the iconic landmark.

Swansea Castle

A new Wi-Fi hotspot that’s being installed means anyone with a smartphone, tablet or laptop within about 100 metres of the attraction will automatically get a web link to the film and other information as soon as they log on.

The video is the final part of a project to educate residents and visitors about the castle’s rich heritage. It includes aerial footage of the landmark and the sound of clanking swords from bygone battles. Also featured are actors playing apparitions of some of the key figures in the castle’s history, including William de Braose III, a former Lord of Gower who once lived in the castle in the late 13th and early 14th centuries, and William Cragh, a medieval Welsh warrior who was said to be miraculously brought back to life after being executed within sight of the castle in 1290 for killing 13 men.

You can see the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7__UbcSffR4

A Swansea Castle family trail can also soon be downloaded from the web link. Hard copies will be made available at the Tourist Information Office on Plymouth Street.

Other recent works have included the introduction of ornate paving to mark the location of the castle’s medieval well. Grass turf, pennant stone and a number of new seats have also been installed to help make the castle courtyard capable of hosting activities and acting as a meeting place for many years to come.

Funding of £300,000 has been provided from Cadw’s Heritage Tourism Project funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Welsh Government targeted match funding and the Welsh Government’s Regeneration Area programme. The work is part of a project called Castles and Princes that’s led by Carmarthenshire Council and overseen in Swansea by Swansea Council.

Cllr Robert Francis-Davies, Swansea Council’s Cabinet Member for Enterprise, Development and Regeneration, said: “Swansea Castle is one of our most treasured historic landmarks. It’s vital we do all we can to preserve and celebrate it for the benefit of both local people and visitors to the city.

“The growing importance of heritage tourism across the UK can’t be understated, so we need to keep pace here in Swansea. Projects of this nature show we’re doing just that by conserving our rich history and offering a visitor experience that meets the aspirations and expectations of 21st century visitors.

“The combination of the video, the on-site displays and the family trail will help bring Swansea Castle back to life for many thousands of people in years to come.”

Swansea Castle was founded in about 1106 by Henry de Beaumont who was later given the Lordship of Gower by King Henry I. It originally consisted of earthworks and timber defences.