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Island Farm and the Great German POW Escape, talk at NWM 17 March

Island Farm and the Great German POW Escape

National Waterfront Museum, Thursday 17 March at 2pm. Admission free.

The story of the biggest escape of German prisoners from a British prison camp, Island Farm in Bridgend, during the Second World War: a story of incompetence which makes Dad’s Army seem to be an effective and efficient fighting force.

With Historian Mike Clubb and in partnership with Swansea U3A.


Local and Family History Fair, 10 October …

Root through your sheds and attics and bring an object to baffle the National Waterfront Museum’s curators – watch them squirm as they try to explain an object without hesitation or deviation in just one minute!

60 Second Show and Tell, 2pm Saturday 10 October. The Fair is open all day, admission free. Organised by the Swansea Branch of the Historical Association.


Working for Victory: Welsh Industry and the Great War, NWM/HA talk 31 January …

Robert Protheroe-Jones, Heavy Industies Curator at the National Museum of Wales, will speak on Working for Victory: Welsh Industry and the Great War as part of the World War One series of talks organised by the National Waterfront Museum and the Swansea Branch of the Historical Asociation.

National Waterfront Museum, Saturday 31 January, 11.00. Admission free.

Youth Forum, National Waterfront Museum

We are seeking Youth Forum members for the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. Are you aged 14-25? Can you help us make our museums more attractive to young people? We are looking for creativity, fresh ideas and most importantly your voice – to speak up and influence decision making.

The role of the Youth Forum members will be to assist with, develop and organise a range of varied activities and events at National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. The focus will be on social history, including topics such as industry, transport and leisure; sustainability, digital media and marketing.



60 Second Show and Tell, NWM 2 March

“Watch our curators squirm as they try to explain an object without hesitation, repetition or deviation in just in a minute!”  National Waterfront Museum, Sunday 2 March at 2.15.

The theme is Electricity, but there will also be a chance for Q&A and object handling and why not bring along your own favourite object for discussion or identification. It does not have to be Electrical – bring something you are baffled by, fascinated by, or try to baffle the Museum’s experts!

The first Show and Tell was held last October as the highlight of the Historical Association’s Local History … Live!  We had an excellent collection of objects, an involved and vocal audience, and a lot of fun. Now how can I baffle Steph and Ian this time …



HA Anniversary Lecture, 19 October

Mechanization in Ancient Greece and Rome (illustrated)

Dr Tracey Rihll of the History and Classics Department of Swansea University, in collaboration with the Classical Association.

It is not commonly known that machines powered by human or animal muscle, by water, by air, by steam, and by falling weights were employed in Greek and Roman agriculture, quarries and mines, manufacturing establishments, service businesses and homes, either to make tasks easier to perform or allow them to be performed at all. Knowledge about such machines was formed and disseminated in writing. Known books on machinery were written by a dozen individuals, including Arkhimedes.

(This replaces the scheduled lecture by Professor John France, which will be delivered at a later date. www.haswansea.org.uk.)